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History of the Society
The Society has a long and distinguished history which began at an inaugural meeting held in Westminster on 24th June 1907 with the then President of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Sir Alexander Kennedy FRS as the first president. Sir Alex continued as president until his death in 1928. Sir Robert Hadfield of Sheffield steel fame took over.

Initially, membership was drawn from the three main engineering Institutions – Civil, Mechanical and Electrical – but today the Society welcomes all chartered engineers. With over 80 members, the Society brings together engineers from multiple disciplines ranging from civil engineers, through aeronautical and chemical engineers to naval architects.

Although initiated and administered in London, the Society has drawn members from across the whole of the UK and has included meetings at courses throughout the country. Perhaps inevitably, sporting rivalry resulted in the annual North versus South match which is today contested in July at Formby Golf Club in Lancashire.

Organisation of the Society’s administration has always been the task of the honorary secretary, but originally this post came with a paid assistant. The first such assistant secretary was Harry Walden who held the post from 1907 until his death in 1948 and kept detailed handwritten copperplate records.

The Society has striven to be inclusive and worked to keep the cost of the game and the camaraderie at an affordable level. The annual subscription was originally 5s.0d, while the entry fee for most meetings was 2s.6d. Today the annual subscription has had to rise to meet modern costs but now stands at just £20. This includes a contribution to the prize fund.

The names of many famous engineers are inscribed on the Society’s trophies. Members have included the designers of the London tram system, the early Tube System. Waterloo Railway station and power stations; major bridges such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and, throughout the Commonwealth, railways, harbours, and public health projects.

Much more on the history of the Society can be found in Michael Dunn’s centenary history book of the society, Engineering Golfing Society 1907-2007, published in 2010 and available through the Secretaries for £15.


EGS history
EGS history
EGS history
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